Focus IQ


Now you can finally wipe away all of the nagging, annoying, even embarrassing moments that your aging brain can put you through.

With Focus IQ you can make a better working memory and clearer focus a reality.

Primal Force’s Focus IQ will help you maintain the ability to intensely focus and have instant recall that comes with having a normal, healthy memory. You’ll be much sharper, have more mental energy, support healthy blood flow to your brain, and protect your cognitive facilities with a unique blend of natural brainpower boosters.

Bacopa is a potent brain-fortifying flower that can give you precise lightning quick recall, a greater ability to work through mental stress and razor-sharp focus.

Ayurvedic medicine, the world’s oldest and most revered health system has used it for mental enhancement for centuries and now modern science has backed up its use.

That’s why I’ve included it, as one of the eight super-nutrients in Focus IQ. It’s possibly the strongest natural support for your brain ever developed.



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