Ultra Bali Slim


The Ancient Fat-Burning Secret of Bali

I flew halfway around the world to the island paradise of Bali to see for myself if what I’d been reading could possibly be true: A local herb could actually curb your hunger.

During a 4-hour trek through the jungle a local healer named Westi introduced me to the Cananga odorata tree and its tiny yet incredibly powerful “ylang-ylang” flowers.

Unknown to the outside world, Westi explained that ylang-ylang has been used by traditional Balinese healers for centuries as a natural remedy for controlling food cravings.

I rushed home to Florida to do my own research and was amazed at what I learned…

By stimulating the hypothalamus portion of your brain, ylang-ylang can control your libido and your sense of smell – as well as your sense of hunger and satisfaction.

Traditional Balinese healers have used ylang-ylang for centuries as an aphrodisiac, anti-depressant and for stress.



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