Ultra Primal Force


Finally… You Can Eat Again!
New “Italian Paradox” Holds The Secret To Eating Well And Staying Slim

Do you ever wonder how Italians eat their high starch favorites like pasta, pizza, and pastry… and still have the lowest rates of weight gain and obesity in the world?

It’s the “Italian Paradox”!

The secret is they start most meals with the soup “pasta fagioli” which is loaded with white beans. The extract from this white bean stops fattening carbs from breaking down into the sugar your body stores as fat.

Of course the best supplements for weight loss always work best when a healthy diet is consumed along with regular exercise.

White bean extract is just one secret in my breakthrough time release, 5-in-1 fat burningsolution, Ultra Primal Lean.

Ultra Primal Lean works 5 ways to help you get thin and stay thin:

  • Helps Re-ignite and support your metabolism so you burn up calories.*
  • Resets your body’s communication networks, so fats are dealt with more efficiently.*
  • Calms your appetite so you don’t feel as hungry during the day.*
  • Reduces your cravings so you cheat less between meals.*


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